Let Talk About: Sample Blog Sites, And How To Create Your Own Inspiring/Beautiful Blog Homepage Design

Just recently a survey was conducted in U.K and the result was amaze in the fact that bloggers have ranked as third most trustworthy source of information. Taking the part of family and friends. Yes you heard me right! bloggers are far more trustworthy now than celebrities, journalist, politicians, and even brands.  Just to name but a few.

Over here in Nigeria the story is even more bigger than imagine. For over three years now blogger have beaten down the like of punchng newspaper, Vanguardngr, and the rest. Thanks to Linda, Bella Yomi and the rest. Keep the ball rolling we are behind you guys. Having say that lets get down to the business of the day. Without wasting of time am heading straight to the point. In-case you want to start a blogger like i have here the first question i believe you would want to ask is ( How do i get people/traffic to love or fall in love with my blog in the first place?)

Aside from remarkable content (post) of course. Very important question i believe you really would love to get an answer to.

From my own experience i will answer that question as much as i can to help you gong. First just as your website/blog homepage is like the front door to your business your blog's design--- believe me is much like a welcome mat <<<<< is the front door to your business blog.

The reason most of us worry about traffic is. If you're not attracting people/traffic visually, how on earth will you get them to take the next steps to actually read, scroll (or even hopefully, subscribe to) your post or content? The simple true remains, once you're done creating the quality content you still have a big challenge of presenting it that clearly dictates or suggest what your blog is about.

Talk of images, test, and even links need to be shown off just right otherwise believe readers might abandon your content and never return. In-fact if it's not aesthetically showcased in a way that's both appealing and easy i mean very easy to follow. For this course I have put together some great examples of blog homepages to get you on the right track to designing, structuring, and creating the perfect blog for your readers kindly take your time and check them out.

Some Wonderful/Inspiring Examples of Beautiful Blog Homepage Design:

Microsoft Stories

Full definition: Honestly we've completely gushed over Microsoft's ''Stories '' microsite before. Personally i can't help it or what better way to revitalize an old-school you may call it brand than with a blog that boasts inspiring interactive and wonderful branded content? Couple with the square layout of these stories is reminiscent of the Microsoft logo, which to me i believe it achieves a valuable brand consistency.

Whether you agree or not. Microsoft Stories over the years have remain a prime example of how a business blog can be a major asset for an overall re-brand. Just few years back, Microsoft has so much worked hard to humanize its brand, largely i believe in response to a rivalry with Apple. The ''Stories'' if you ask me microsite has a simple tagline ----''Get an inside look at the people, places and ideas that really move us.'' Which to me i believe is the softer side of Microsoft.

The true remain whenever you are trying to convey a certain brand message, your blog direct or indirectly can be used to communicate it-- believe it or not is true.

Design Milk:

For all i know Design Milk, is an online contemporary design outlet, uses what i call a very simple layout to highlight  its content. From the sidebar to the right which remain visible when a blog post is opened to read (wow) I love that, and is completely perfect for showcasing thumbnail images for new articles. That's what i call an internal link strategy, which i believe helps to encourage readers to remain on the site longer, you got the idea right?

Another thing about the site is the social icons at the top,  very pleasant addition to the overall look and feel of the site. They'e very easy to spot and also make it easy to share their post. (Interested  to learn more about adding social buttons to your blog, of course i know you are,''good'' simply check out one of their post on that HERE.)

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Webdesigner Depot

Well just like the name sound  "Webdesigner Depot," it's no wonder that this wonderful design news site is visually beautiful.

Honestly one thing i so much love about this site is the way "Webdesigner Depot," has incorporated social sharing icons on each individual content. Though i will suggest here you red what they have there. But the true remain, having those links readily available helps visitors in no small amount to immediately share a headline they are interested in. Also don't forget to share check those navigation arrows on the right (wow) Never before has it been so easy to scroll to the top or bottom of a page.

One thing that we particularly like is the way Webdesigner Depot has incorporated social sharing icons on each individual post. While we of course suggest actually reading each piece, having those links readily available helps visitors immediately share a headline they find interesting. And check out those navigation arrows on the right -- never before has it been so easy to scroll to the top or bottom of a page.

Now talk about the color scheme, background, and even the fonts are all consistent  giving it the unique looking professional. This alone  believe distinct it from the basic blog templates we have around.

 Brit + Co

Needless to say more, everything i meant everything about the blog (Brit+ Co) homepage says it all ''welcoming'' ''clean'' and ''warm''. In-fact is free of clutter making the content more digestible, and the layout guest extremely organized.

Around Oct i did some research on this site a kind of avocado jack -o-lanterns on the dawn of  Oct. Adorable, and replete with a colorful, amazing pictures to illustrate the super story's post. Next thing i also love about the site is the subtle ''trending'' header which also serves as a wonderful way to promote popular post. Even without being too in-you-face about it. Including with such wonderful visuals, Remember to take note of the nod to pinterest for all i know that icon is also important when your blog incorporates attractive height

Charity: Water

One of the blog i respect so much that have kept the nonprofit blogging train going is charity: water, One thin about this blog is it excellent use of high-quality photography. Just recently, the organization redesigned its site with a lengthy interesting post which they dedicated to its 10-years anniversary. Using that opportunity to share it wonderful impact over the past decade. charity: water,still maintained what i call a simplistic design with concise text and pure bright image from the anniversary event which i believe is very hard to find anywhere else.

There also have a clear CTA to donate at the top of the page. Now here is the magic, having that place above a story about charity: water's impact is what i call double edged sword. Yes that alone will inspire people to contribute or donate to the cause and at the same time make it easy to do so. Is worth checking out.

Now with this and other tips and quality content thee sky if you ask me is just the beginning of your success. And recommendation concerning this very blog (Lets Talk About It!) will be appreciated Good luck.

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