Lets Talk About: Affected by Early Shutdowns Nexus 6P Units Following Android Nougat Update

Finally again Google has already released Android 7.0 Nougat for all compatible Nexus devices. In fact, the search giant pushed a much newer Android 7.1.1 update to both Nexus and Pixel devices, but many customers claim these updates brought some bugs that now affect their smartphones.

Since Google rolled out Android 7.0 Nougat to the Nexus 6P, many owners complain that their smartphones have started to randomly shut down even though their batteries had enough juice to power them.

A huge thread on Reddit has been opened where Nexus 6P owners share their issues with the device following the Nougat update. Some of them confirmed that their smartphones shut down with as much as 60% battery remaining.

Others claim their phones unpredictably shut down when the battery was getting close to 10-15%, so there doesn't seem to be a pattern here.

But things are even worse than that because once a Nexus 6P shuts down, it can't be powered on again unless it's plugged back into its charger.

Nexus 6P
Basically, if you're in need of your smartphone and it's shutting down, you can't make use of it unless you have a charger with you. This looks like a serious issue for Nexus 6P users, though it's unclear how many have been affected by early shutdowns of their devices.

One of the reasons Nexus 6P owners have taken it to Reddit to highlight the issue is because Google has it flagged as low priority on the issue tracker. In other words, it's not among the first issues that Google plans to fix in the next update.

In order to make Google listen to these complaints, more Nexus 6P owners affected by the problem must report it on the issue tracker.

Unfortunately, no workaround is available for this issue and the cause is unknown, so u

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