Lets Talk About: Anonsurf, Fixes Touchpad Support Parrot Security 3.3 Ethical Hacking OS Updates


A new stable release of the Debian-based Parrot Security ethical hacking and penetration testing operating system has been released on Christmas Day, versioned 3.3. Powered by a kernel from the Linux 4.8 series, Parrot Security OS 3.3 is here a little over two months since the release of Parrot Security 3.2, but it doesn't look like it's a major update and all that, as it only updates a few core components and hacking tools, and addresses a few of the bugs reported by users since version 3.2.

"We are sorry for all the silence behind our development process of these days, but we were secretly working on 2 main projects, the perfect plan to conquer the world and the new Parrot 3.3 release which fixes many minor but unpleasant bugs and introduces many many updates. And also Merry Christmas to you!" reads the announcement.

Anonsurf and Metasploit get new versions
According to the release notes, which we've also attached at the end of the article for your viewing pleasure, Parrot Security OS 3.3 updates the Anonsurf Tor-based anonymizer tool and the world's most used penetration testing software, Metasploit Framework, which was updated to version 4.13.

Other than that, it looks like the GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 6.2 open-source and cross-platform compiler tool has been included, and the distro has been officially switched to the PHP 7 widely-used, open-source, and general-purpose scripting language.

Of course, many of the included tools have been updated to their latest versions at the moment of writing this article, but Parrot Security OS 3.3 also fixes some minor bugs with the MATE desktop environment, improves multi-touch and touchpad support, as well as the mismatching kernel installer.

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