Lets Talk About: Another Data Saving App Opera Max Adds New VIP Mode for 50 Million Android Users


Without any shadow of doubt Opera Max is surely one of the most popular Android browsers out there and it now has the numbers to prove it. Opera has just announced that its Opera Max Android browser crossed the 50 million mark in the Play Store.

It seems that it took Opera Max seven months to gather 40 million active users; earlier this year it only had 10 million. In order to celebrate the milestone and give something back for the holidays, Opera added a bunch of new features to Opera Max.

The most exciting new feature is the VIP mode which provides Opera Max users with unlimited savings and privacy mode services. Saving and privacy features had been limited on the app and the new VIP mode does respond to the needs of many users.

The new VIP mode is time limited
The unlimited savings feature isn’t offered for free, but users don’t have to pay for it neither. Users would have to view an ad in order to use unlimited savings and privacy features, considering that they are time limited.

The ad will be visible on the lockscreen, but only when the phone is plugged in for charging, so it shouldn’t be that inconvenient for some users. The ad appears on top of the standard lockscreen and it contains information on the time, date and charge level. To access the regular lockscreen, you would have to swipe up.

Opera brought some major improvements to the Opera Max browser this year, offering smart alerts for managing background data and making sure that you’re not left without any mobile data. The feature is useful for monitoring which apps consume the most background data and blocking them individually. Moreover, Opera Max offers privacy mode encryption to anonymize app data while on public Wi-fi networks.

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