Lets Talk About: Latest Build 380.4180 ASUS RT-AC87U Router Receives New Firmware


Finally always keeping to their promise ASUS has just released a new firmware package targeted at its RT-AC87U wireless router, namely version, which fixes security vulnerabilities regarding XSS and CSRF, as well as adds protection against Brute-force attacks.

In addition to that, ASUS’ team managed to update OpenSSL library (1.0.2j) and Dropbear SSH (2016.74) due to security reasons, improve Chrome, Edge, and IE compatibility, add Docomo L-03D 3G/LTE USB dongle support, and fix various AiCloud problems.

Moreover, this new firmware resolves quick internet setting wizard compatibility issues, NAT problems caused by UPnP media server, and dual wan errors in PPPoE or PPTP or L2TP + DHCP environments.

When it comes to installation, first of all, check your router’s current firmware so that it isn’t newer or matching the present version, and if everything is OK, save and unzip the downloadable archive.

Now, establish a wired connection between the RT-AC87U unit and your computer, log into its administration page, and use the newly extracted .trx file to upgrade the router to the latest firmware version.

Even though this seems easy, bear in mind that interrupting the upgrade process by removing the Ethernet/power cable from either device, closing the web browser, or in any other way will lead to an update failure that might cause various device malfunctions.

That being said, follow here and download ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware, take into account all the aforementioned aspects, apply the package, and enjoy the changes this new release brings about.

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