Lets Talk About: Priority Set To “Small” Google And Huawei Investigate Nexus 6P Early Shutdowns,

Well is now very clear that Android Nougat update wasn't so beneficial for some Nexus devices. Even though Nougat has been delayed a few times for Nexus 6P devices, the update was eventually released but not without bugs.

Many Nexus 6P owners now report their smartphones are unpredictably shutting down even though their battery are still at 10, 15 or even 60% charge.

We reported about the issue yesterday and now we're happy to tell you that the problem has been acknowledged by Google and a resolution will be given in the not so distant future.

The folks over at VentureBeat have contacted Google for a statement related to the early shutdown issue and got a confirmation that the search giant, along with Huawei are investigating the bug and, hopefully, will provide Nexus 6P with a fix.

Nexus 6P
Until then, feel free to take it to Google Product Forums and provide your feedback related to this issue, as many other Nexus 6P owners have already done in the last couple of days.

“I’ve noticed that my Nexus 6p turns off telling me that the battery is empty when it turns under 25% of it. Suddenly the battery % indicator goes from 25% to 1% and it turns off,” explains one Nexus 6P owner.

Another one think that the main problem is that you can't predict when the phone will shut down and that makes the issue even more annoying.

“But I think the most annoying thing about it is that it will be on anywhere between 20 – 40% battery life and then it will suddenly say it has run out of battery and switch off, and I am no longer able to switch it back on. But once I put it on charge again it shows its on something like 40% battery.”

Unfortunately, even though the issue has been “assigned,” it seems that Google doesn't think it's a widespread problems, so it set its priority to “small.”

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