Lets Talk About: Uber App Update Ability to Use People as Destinations Adds Snapchat Integration


Well following last month's new rider app release, Uber announced a major update for its Android and iOS applications that serve as cross-over platforms for its car riding service. Two major new features have been implemented in this update, and the rollout of both of them has started recently. The first one is Snapchat integration, while the second one is the ability to use people as destinations.

But let's start with Snapchat integration, which allows users to unlock some custom Uber filters while they ride. Basically, you will be able to apply theme-based filters to let your friends know when you arrive, or you can choose to use a mystery filter to an added surprise.

According to Uber, in case you already use Snapchat and found yourself on a Uber ride, you should see a Snap card in the feed. As soon as the card appears, you will be able to select the type of filter that you want to unlock, take your selfie, and swipe right.

Moreover, Uber notes that its filters are not exclusive for when you're on a Uber ride, so you can use them with another Snap lens for even more fun.

Moving on to the second new feature included in this Uber update, you will now be able to use people as destinations. In order for this feature to work, you will have to sync your contacts with the Uber application, and type in a friend's name in the “Where to?” box.

As soon as your friend receives a request from Uber to provide their current static location, they are allowed to accept it, so you can use their destination and be on your way.

“To help your friends and family know when they can expect you to arrive, we’ll share your ETA with them after you’re on your way to their location,” states Uber.

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