Lets Talk About: 360-Degree Video Live Streaming Now Available On Twitter


Indeed Twitter has finally wake up from sleep and they are taking another step into getting into live video by introducing 360-degree live streams through Periscope. If you are on Twitter and Periscope which i know you are am there too. You can watch 360-degree live video, But is like is only select
partners can go live in 360 via Periscope for now, Though i believe in the next few days they would start rolling out a tool like this as live streaming becomes increasingly popular on platforms like Facebook and Google Allo. 

One thing am so sure of is that with live 360 video, we users can get a full capture of what’s going on for a broadcaster’s surroundings or even blog news. Like i did mention early it’s still limited to partners. I believe the competition is high and they want to use this as a strong play to attract new influencers that it may see flocking to other platforms, giving them new tools (or toys) to play with in order to continue building their audience. or what do you think? Watch video on how is do HERE.

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