Lets Talk About: Free Etisalat 60MB Browsing Cheat Via XP Psiphon

Few hours ago i drop post on how to use free Etisalat 60MB Browsing Cheat via Queencee Vpn V8. To make sure everything is complete am dropping this very post on the same topic but this time is via XP Psiphon  So you now have two option either Queencee VPN or XP Psiphon.

Like i did said early that the Etisalat  cheat is data capped at 60mb daily, meaning if you exhaust the 60MB today, whether in the morning, afternoon, or just any time. You can only use it again next tomorrow. Personal i do know it's small but at least it can help update one or two apps on your Playstore, or stream/develop some funny videos on YouTube or even update your blog content lol.....

So without wasting much time, let me head over and drop the  XP Psiphon settings for this etisalat cheat. First if you don't have XP Psiphon installed on your phone kindly follow here to download and install it. No big deal in installing it just normal next next and finish.

And to complete our work here are other things you need:

Your Android phone
Etisalat sim with 0.00naira and no active data
XP Psiphon

Remember to use Etisalat default APN settings. And once that is done, Launch the VPN tap on the navigation icon (three white dash) => XP Generator.
Url/Host: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#openModal
Proxy: Leave it blank
Proxy type: tick Real Host
Real Proxy type: Default
We are almost through just tap on Generate.

Now in the selected server, just tap on the flag and give it some second for the list to show, then choose United states or Netherlands.

And finally click on connect and within 3mins it will connect and there you have it. Launch your browser and start enjoying, believe me is very fast. But just remember is limited to 60mb daily so first thing first.

I hope this post was helpful to somebody out there, if you still have questions or comment kindly use the comment box and i will do my best to have them answered good luck.

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