Lets Talk About: How to Check Your Motherboard Model Number on Your Windows PC


Nowadays every production companies are doing everything possible to make their product user friendly, and one of the easy way to achieve this is making comprehensive information about their product easily accessible by all. Technology is not left out on this. So without wasting much time am
going to show you the best method you can use to check motherboard model number of your of your PC anything and anywhere. Whether you want to check hardware compatibility, update drivers for your system hardware, or just to check the model number like i sad early this simple tricks will get it done for you just from the comfort of your keyboard.

Reason behind this:
Many will think this information is not for them but i tell you the true, which i believe the gurus here will agree with me. Knowing your motherboard’s model number is important: that i believe will help you when upgrading your drivers, buying new hardware in-fact you’ll need the proper expansion slots for card-based upgrades and the right memory DIMMS for memory upgrades, etc., and checking the capabilities of your board if you’re considering upgrading the entire thing.

Now let say you still have the paperwork that came with your computer or just the individual components if you built it yourself  you can always refer to it. But make sure the document is correct. That i believe will save you time rather than open the case and search for the model number, All i know is that is far better to use tools within Windows to check things out.

Below is the first step 
Checking Your Model Number via CMD.exe
If you are good in using command i believe this shouldn't be a big deal for you. From there you can easily check a variety of motherboard and hardware stats using the handy Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC)This is just a command-line interface for Microsoft’s powerful WMI tool.

Now with the WMIC you can easily entry the query baseboard to check motherboard stats and then additional specific query modifiers like get Manufacturer, Model, Name, Part-Number, slotlayout, serial-number, and also poweredon to get more detailed information about the motherboard.

First all you have to do is to open up the command prompt in Windows via either the run dialog (WIN+R) or via the search in the start menu; enter cmd.exe into either, no need to run it as an administrator. Enter the following text at the command line below

wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber

Once you insert the above info it will return the following data. The manufacturer MSI, serial number Just every basic information you’re looking for.

Another way is ''Checking Your Model Number via Speccy''
If you’d prefer a GUI-based way to check your motherboard’s model number (as well as a method that yields more information at a glance than the WMIC tool), Believe me this free tool Speccy by Piriform still remember them? The company that brought us CCleaner) is a handy app to have around. If you need this App click here to download it.

One thing i so much love about this App is the fact that not only will it tell your model number, as seen above, but if you click on the Motherboard entry in the left hand navigation column, you can check even more information about the motherboard like the chipset and voltage settings.

Hope this post was of a great help to somebody out there, if you still have question's or comment use the comment box and i will make sure i answer you on time.

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