Lets Talk About: Setting For Free Airtel Browsing Cheat On PC Via Psiphon.exe

Few days ago i publish a post on Airtel Free Browsing Cheat 2017 Via VPN.apk due to the fact that it was only meant for Andriod user some readers were not happy and requested that i publish on how it can be use also on PC. So to make sure every one is carried along here i am with answer to your request. All i request of you is to follow the simple setting below and enjoy the Free Airtel Browsing Cheat On your PC

Now for this to happen you need to have the following thing around the corner just:

A Modem/MiFI or Smartphone Hotspot
Your Airtel SIM card with 0.00kb balance
A laptop, or desktop PC 
PC web browser (Mozilla or Chrome)
Stable 3G or 4G network
Psiphon handler exe for PC - Download Here if you don't have it yet.

Alright sure you are set? ''good'' Lets set our Psiphon. Please make sure you installed the psiphon handler after downloading. Then connect your PC to the internet via modem or use your Android ( Remember here to ensure VPN is not connected on the phone while you share hotspot ) is very very important. 

Alright lets continue. Launch the installed Psiphon on your PC
Scroll to settings and locate “Upstream proxy“
Now insert the following in Upstream proxy;
Port: 8080
If you re still not sure the picture below will help you understand 

Once you re through with that click on Apply this settings, and change Psiphon server region to Singapore, just wait for about 10 seconds for it to connect. Once it's connected Then head over to configure your web browsers. We're going to be using Mozilla Firefox to work with Psiphon handler on PC here. 

First launch your Mozilla Firefox Browser and click on menu at the top right corner

Then click on the option from the drop down menu

Now click on “Advanced”

Once in advance, click on “Network” and select “Settings”

The connection Settings window should popout now,
tick “Use System Proxy Settings” and Click “OK” to save the new proxy settings. Hold on we are there almost. If you are still not getting it let the picture below help you out on that 

I believe by now you have gotten it right? ''good''  just click on “OK” to save the settings. And we are done. You can now browse unlimited with your PC and enjoy Free Airtel Browsing Cheat via Via Psiphon.exe

I hope this post was able to help somebody out there. If you still have questions or comment kindly use the comment box drop it and i will do my best to have them answered good luck. 

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