Lets Talk About: Super Secure Phone Donald Trump Will Use To Tweet


As you all know yesterday been January 20, 2017, marks the day when Donald Trump was sworn into office, but he has said that he won’t actually take over Presidential duties until Monday, January 23. Recent reports have said that President Trump will ditch his Android phone for a “super-secure” device.

This means that he will use an encrypted smartphone for posting his daily tweets. Of course, the Donald won’t just tweet using the new phone, he’ll also be conducting important calls and maybe read emails or texts.

Associated Press reports that Donald has already ditched his Android phone for a “secure, encrypted device approved by the Secret Service with a new number that few people possess.” Apparently, he wasn’t pleased with making the switch, but ultimately followed the advice of intelligence officers.

Obama traded in his Blackberry for a secure Galaxy S4
When taking office in 2009, former President Barack Obama kept his BlackBerry 8830 World Edition smartphone, but compromised on limited communications and capabilities. Only a handful of people had Obama’s number and many features on the BlackBerry were blocked for security reasons.

Eventually, he “upgraded” to a secure Samsung Galaxy smartphone, which he said didn’t allow him to place calls, install applications, take pictures, or even play music.

The supposed Galaxy S4 had been stripped of features that could compromise the President’s personal information. The phone had the ability to access SIPRNet, which is the US Military classified network, and could download apps approved by the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Supposedly, Donald Trump has received a similar phone, though we’re not sure if he’ll be able to use it for tweeting. Obama used a different phone for tweeting, but he rarely posted updates without coordinating with his staff. So in the end, Donald Trump might use a different smartphone for tweeting, as we’re certain he won’t give up on his prolific presence on the popular network.

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