Lets Talk About5: New Updated For Google+ With Events And Photo Zoom


Google has just updated Google+ and brought back a feature that some users enjoyed, Events. Google+ was once thought to become so popular that it would take on Facebook, but its popularity slowly started to decrease to a point where some expected Google to retire the social networking platform.

That’s not the case, though, as Google recently announced a bunch of new features for the Google+ platform. One of the three introduced updates is a feature for automatically hiding low-quality comments so that users can focus on messages that matter the most. They can still read all comments in a post by tapping on the “View more comments” option.

In addition, Google+ has been adjusted to show clearer pictures by making better use of the device’s screen size and showing users less white space and more posts. The new feature called zoom functionality for pictures posted on Google+ allows users to better view details in images and photos.

Events section will be back beginning January 24
Furthermore, Google brought back the Events section beginning January 24. The feature will allow users to create and join events on Google+, but it won’t be available for G Suite users at this time.

Google is retiring the classic Google+ design on the web version on January 24. Google+ already has a more modern theme, and until the date mentioned, it will allow users to switch between the two looks. This will end in late January, though, when the Classic design will be retired for good.

Despite the fact that it was envisioned as a social network that would take on Facebook, Google+ didn’t see much adoption beyond Google and Android fans. Instead, it became more of a platform for interest groups, especially those that focus on professional photography. Last year, Google announced that it equipped Google+ with a feature for sharing articles from Google Assistant.

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