Lets Talk About How You Can Still Make Money From Your Old Mobile Phone

Your old cell phone can sell in different ways. Offer via Marketplace , Speurders or our own forum is a well known and frequently used method. New to many people is the ability to sell the unit to a buyer. It takes such a buyer TopDollarMobile or Tech Returns the unit on for a pre-agreed amount.

How does this sell exactly? 
The Netherlands has quite a number of active buyers. A full list of parties to whom you can sell your phone you will find later in this article. On the websites of different companies you can look whether they accept your phone; not every company buys any phone. The amount you receive for your phone varies by type.

For example, your old Nokia 6310 delivers still € 4.00, but an Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB will receive € 230 still thick. The state of the phone determines the value: a damaged phone delivers less money than a device that is still in good condition. The process of the various parties in brief as follows:
Surf to the website of one of the buyers
Select the device you want to return, and see the estimated fee
Enter your contact information.

The wholesale buyer sends you a return envelope. Stop here on the unit, and do it in the mail.
After examining the engrosser you get the compensation to your bank account.

To whom can I sell my phone? 
You can offer your device to one of the following companies:
Mobile Purchasing Emmen
Recycle Michael
tech Returns

Which party pays for most of my old mobile? 
This question is not easy to answer. It can vary by type of device which party pays the most. It therefore pays to shop around to various buyers.

Are there any charities that I support with my old phone? 
Hell yes. Anyways you can donate the proceeds himself to charity, but there are also parties that directly deposit the proceeds to charity. Some of the charities that you can rely on this way:

Make a Wish Foundation
Amnesty International
Opportunities for Children
the Kindertelefoon
team King

What happens to the collected cell phones? 
The surrendered appliances are checked for operation upon receipt. Faulty appliances will be repaired or recycled; it depends on the engrosser off. Good devices are (after revision) and resold as recycled.

I can not beat my own unit sales through example Marketplace?
The disadvantage of selling itself via Marketplace , Investigators or any other website is that it takes more time in the line, and can also provide the necessary whining. In contrast, selling itself yields in some cases more money. you go for convenience than the offer to a buyer the obvious option. Do you want to earn as much as possible, you are usually better off if you keep selling into their own hands.

There is a huge demand on Marketplace or Investigators your phone model, then a buyer can be more. It is interesting anyway to see prices at the opkopende parties, even if you want to sell your phone itself. This gives you a good indication namely what to ask at least for your phone

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