Lets Talk About: Everything You Need To Know About iPhone 7 Plus, Pixel XL and Sony RX100 V

If you're looking for a good old camera test with all the bells and whistles and scores and whatnot, you can stop reading right now.

This isn't your typical phone camera comparison either (let's all agree to never call them “shootouts” again), more like the kind of thing that happens when you've got a couple of devices with some of the best scores and just want to see which of them fares better in a given situation.

Today’s scenario is something that professionals like to call “still photo with man,” but we’ve ingeniously spiced things up by including not one but two photos, one with front lighting and another with back lighting.

Test methodology
We looked around and grabbed the closest iPhone 7 Plus, a Google Pixel XL and a Sony RX100 V compact camera (just for the sake of it, but you can call it a reference point if you’re feeling pretentious). Next, we took two sets of photos with each device, using the Auto mode in all cases, to stave off any attempts at trickery.

Note that each device was running the most recent software version available (iOS 10.3 in the iPhone’s case) and that, most importantly, no human beings or gadgets were harmed during the proceedings.

The results
Take a look for yourself if you really have to, but there’s only one true answer here: one’s good (definitely Instagram material), one’s bad (Instagrammable but only with some serious filter magic), and one’s clearly ugly (no hashtag can save you).

But which is which? You get to decide that in the comments section below.

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