Lets Talk About: Much Better Laptop In China Than Microsoft’s New Surface

Microsoft launched the Surface Laptop earlier this week with much fanfare, finally joining the hardware battle with a much more conventional device, though pricing remains premium in order to give OEMs the chance to dominate this particular market.

Chinese company Chuwi is one of those trying to benefit from this space, and after the launch of the Surface Laptop, it used the occasion to brag about the Hi13, a recently-unveiled product which it says it provides better value for the money than Microsoft’s device.

In a comparison table sent to us and which you can see in this article as well, Chuwi shows how the Hi13 is a better option than the Surface Laptop, though in terms of hardware the differences are huge to say the least.

The hardware comparison
For example, Chuwi points to the screen as one of the reasons you should give a try to the Hi13, as it comes with a 13.5-inch display with 3000x2000 pixels resolution, whereas the Surface Laptop has the same size but a 2256x1504 pixels resolution.

When it comes to processor and storage, the Surface Laptop is clearly the winner and this is where the whole difference is being made, as the Chuwi device is powered by an Apollo Lake N3450 chip with 4GB RAM, while Microsoft offers either and Intel Core i5 or i7 with at least 4GB RAM.

On the other hand, the Chinese 2-in-1 is a much more affordable option, as it can be yours for just $347, while the Surface Laptop costs at least $999 for the base configuration.

Without a doubt, the Surface Laptop is the device that provides better performance, mostly thanks to its hardware

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