Lets Talk About: The New Model in Galaxy C Series First Samsung Phone with Dual Cameras

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ were believed to be the first Samsung smartphones to feature a dual-camera setup, but the Korean company changed its strategy at some point and featured a single lens camera on the latest flagships.

It is believed that Samsung will feature the dual-camera setup on the second flagship device that it will release this year, the Galaxy Note 8. It makes sense for a highly anticipated feature that wasn’t ready for the Galaxy S8 to arrive later this year, onboard of the Note 8.

Prototypes of a Galaxy S8+ with dual-lens sensors on the back leaked a few weeks ago, which means that Samsung made the switch to the single-lens setup during the last stages of the development process.

Leak supposedly revealing sketch of new Galaxy C phone
However, rumors now say that the Galaxy Note 8 won’t be the first Samsung smartphone to feature a dual-camera setup, as a model in the Galaxy C series will come with it before. The post is accompanied by a sketch that, frankly, reduces the rumor’s credibility. The sketch appears to have been drawn by hand, and it resembles a Xiaomi Mi 5s or Mate 9 device rather than a Samsung Galaxy C smartphone.

New Galaxy C smartphones could arrive soon
But the fact that the Galaxy C9 Pro unveiled last year featured 6GB of RAM does provide some weight to this possibility. When it comes to the introduction of new features, Samsung sometimes equips mid-rangers with the new components and releases them only in certain countries, to test market reaction.

The same happened with the iris sensor, which made its debut on the Galaxy Tab Iris, available only in Korea. Later, the iris recognition technology arrived on the Galaxy Note 7.

More information about new Galaxy C smartphones will surely surface soon

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