Android and iOS Apps of YouTube Gaming has been Launched

For game lovers today happens to be your day YouTube has strode into arena dominated by Amazon-owned Twitch with the launch of a service tailored for hot trend video game that you can play as a spectator sport, since the roll out of YouTube gaming marked the public debut of an online venue where
video game lovers can now find commentary, and live play, on demand and even snippets and more. Since June the the YouTube gaming was launch it has been on a test phase, though they promise to roll out the testing part first and after some excellent road testing by thousands of dedicated gaming fans, YouTube have finally kept their promise as in making the gaming available. The blending game video and live streams brings you closer to the games and culture that matters to you. Though the YouTube game site is only available in English language and countries where YouTube is available and it support mobile devices that are powered by Apple and Android, though they promise to add more countries as soon as possibly. To me having a destination of where you can get all the game content you love most is really important and i  believe that is the reason behind the creation of this platform. If you are following the trend of YouTube you will understand that Billions of hours of video related to game are been watched monthly on YouTube from walk through clips showing you how to handle challenges to comedic commentary and in-game action. The online platform for video game channels incorporated the search of Google which owns YouTube that helps in freshening or adding must see content. Last year if you can still remember the giant online retail Amazon snatched up Twitch and its huge
audience for live streamed gaming and everybody still believe that the acquisition was one of the largest in Amazon's history. The Twitch interactive streams games being played for non-playing viewers to watch, and even host gaming events. Even the viewers can chat with the players and others making it one of the best social networking websites, and they even sells advert to generate income.The take over if you ask me came with a boom in online viewing of real time game and it attract growing crowds as spectators events. And today Twitch can bill itself as the world's largest video game broadcasting network. What more can you ask of more work more game relax and enjoy yourself a bit with the new and wonderful games that are available online each and every moment.

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