Lets Talk About: Chrome 55 to Android Devices Now Available Google Starts Rolling Out


To make sure every Android user is on track Google has already released Chrome 55 on desktops, but mobile platforms like Android have been skipped from the initial rollout. Well, not anymore, as Google has announced the new version of the browser has been uploaded to Play store and it should be available to everyone in the coming days.
Chrome 55 for Android brings a few nifty features into the mix, such as the ability to download files for later view, as well as the option to share downloads within Chrome.
These new features have been teased by Google for quite a while and tested in the beta version of Chrome, but they've only been made available to the public today.
So, if you haven't been aware of the new features that Google plans to include in Chrome 55, here are a few details that should put you up to speed with the latest information.
First of all, Chrome users will now be able to easily download music, videos, as well as full web pages for viewing offline. What better way to watch and listen to movie clips while you're flying to your next destination and don't have access to Internet?
The contextual search UI got some improvements, too
Aside from the new option, Google also states Chrome 55 allows users to view and share their download within the browser, so they won't have to leave the application to achieve that.
Another useful feature mentioned in the official changelog is the ability to see misspelled words highlighted in text fields. Lastly, Google included some improvements to contextual search UI.
While these are the most important new features and improvements in Chrome 55, the changelog is much longer and contains lots of bug fixes, tweaks, and other enhancements.
If the new version of Chrome doesn't show in Google Play store yet, you should try later since the updated browser will be made available to Android users over the next few days.

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