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No too much story today, am just going to take you straight to the point. Nowadays downloading game from Google play store is not what it use to be. Unlike before you can download items from there by their name, imagine trying to download FIFA 2016 from Google play store and after the whole time and resources
wasted the item you downloaded turns out to be a useless season movie. As sad as the story maybe but the is the true. Please am not saying here that everything in Google play store is fake no capital NO, all am trying to point out is that majority of them is fake and some are even trojan virus. Now what if i show you a site where you can download whatever you need be it Game, Video, Movie, Animation and even great pictures all for free.

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The site in question is not mine own so you don't start thinking am out looking for traffic sorry you are making a great mistake if is what you think. All the same i believe if i see good thing and share it i will in return have what i need lol.............., So if you are my type that just can do with the items mentioned above play.mob have got you covered. Simple CLICK HERE  and start downloading your choice item now. Me i have just finished downloading Fifa 2017 so sweet enjoy.

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