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When i started online business newly survey was one of those area i landed first, though them i made a big mistake of paying for something that was totally free, the fact was that there were many site claiming to have the best survey site, so without browsing or check on others i paid them through my master card, and it was
not quite long that i discover that what i paid for was actually free and not only that it was free the content fill internet. Anyway that was then and the most funny part of the story was that that most of the site they introduce me to was actually to accepting Nigerians and if at all they do paypal was not accepting us as well it was really rough then, first you have to get ip changer, SU address, phone number, and security number. and your browser must remain under that ip changer until you finish whatever you are doing and if by chance the ip disconnect  boy everything you work for will disappear. Then another thing was that most of those site were just frustrating after completing a survey of two(2) to three(3) hours you will end up making $2-$4 it wasn't encouraging at all. So as time went i keep learning from one mistake to another, spending the money involve and not quite long i discover that all those site were not really necessary as in doing their survey was not really necessary, though what made me embrace those site at first was the idea of the more site you sign up with the more chance of you making more money. But today am here to tell you that those stories was not actually the really true on my path i chose only two and am happy i did even up-till today. First am happy because without them i wouldn't be writing this particular post. Another thing is that paypal now allow Nigerians to participate in their program so no need to hid again or all that bala bala bala of US address and phone number. So if you are ready here is the two that i chose, remember is not a must that you must chose them, like i said before there are many of them on the internet just do your research and chose the ones you like but me i prefer this two because they are stress free and easy to go by, and beside they have more than enough survey to serve you well
1. The first one is Globletestmarket to me this site is the best of them all for international, In-fact one of my friend now use them as a full time job they only allow one account per individual but my friend have six with them with different mail address and different browser. every month so long as you are doing the survey them sent to you well, you are sure of making $100-$150 with them so times it by six and see why my friend have taken them as a full time job. So if you are ready you can sign up with them, if you choose to do it as a par-time or full-time is up to you.

2. Then the second one is inboxdollar, this site has a-lot to offer in-fact once you sign up they will credit your account with $5 and their minimum pay out is $30 and you can achieve that $30 the same day if you able to complete some of the project they sent to you, and they have more than enough survey to serve you well so if you are ready sign up with them and start making your own money from online.

If there are others one you have used and very sure they work well use the comment box to let us know and i will include it here.


Very simple through paypal or cheque,

another question how do i get access to surveys

Is better to go with this two i mention above and they allow Nigeria

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