Lets Talk About: BlackBerry Priv, LG, And Motorola. Nexus Phones Are the Most Secure Android Devices


Unbelievable  discovery of the Stagefright vulnerability, research have made known just how easy it is for Android smartphone to be infiltrated. As simple as it takes an MMS or a corrupted audio file to have access to your phone's private data. And to proof that point to your Google, Samsung, Motorola, LG and other
vital players in the mobile phone market have promise to deliver monthly security updates, just to make sure
they keep their products as safe as possible.

But that not withstanding there are some phones that are more secure than others. An to drive this point home a group of researchers from the Cambridge University in England have found after years of urging Android users to install an app they called Device Analyzer, that they use to collect usage statistics. First the team researches said, that the reason why some phone are more secure than others is simple because their manufactures tend to be more active and push security update on a timely basis.

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Just recently official of HTC was heard saying that monthly security update are unrealistic, simple because he believe carriers are also involved in the processes. But from what the researches made available to the public, they indirectly blames manufactures rather than Google, operators and users for the bottleneck created. Their report also gave us an insight piece of information that will help every-one who intend to buy phone from now on.

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They made it clear that Motorola, LG, and Nexus devices are surely the most secure devices you can ever hope to find on the market. Well i guest Google were listening that must have prov the reason behind their recently launching of two new Nexus smartphones, the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, while LG has also launch their own brand new model they called  V10. And even Motorola are also out to unveiled a new lineup this summer, which consists of the new flagship.

They however also praise Google  for its efforts to mitigate many of the risks, though we understand the company really can't do this on their own. Other manufactures are encourage to join in in order to help maintain a high security status on their devices. Just like Motorola, LG, and Nexus are doing.

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