Lets Talk About: the Best Antivirus to Clean Up an Infected Windows PC Tests Reveal

Believe it or not while most people are looking for the best antivirus solution that can protect their computers from getting infected, it’s also important to know that security vendors are investing in making their products very efficient when it comes to removing an existing infection.
Security institute AV-TEST has posted the preliminary results of an endurance test that’s supposed to help determine the most efficient security products that can repair an infected system and remove malware.
The tests were performed on Windows 7 and they will continue for another six months, so these are just preliminary figures collected from the first part of the research.
Two security solutions managed to remove all samples of malware and achieve a total system repair score of 100 percent: Avira Antivirus Pro and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 and Symantec’s Norton Security were next with a clean-up rate of 99.2 percent, as they removed 39 samples of malware from the infected systems.
Microsoft’s Security Essentials got the worst score
Unfortunately for those who rely on Microsoft’s freeware Security Essential antivirus tool, the score it got puts it at the bottom of the pack with a system repair rate of 86.7 percent. Security Essentials was capable of removing only 32 of the 40 samples of malware.
AV-TEST has also conducted tests on some special malware removal tools and while they were also efficient, the preliminary data shows that fully featured antivirus apps are at least as good.
“It is already striking that security solutions are finishing ahead of the special tools. This is the case, regardless of whether the security packages were installed after the systems were infected or were already installed and only deactivated for the infection,” the testing institute notes.
“The latter scenario simulates the case where the attacker was previously unknown to the security package. This also underscores the quality of a security solution. Even if it did not know the latest attacker, it retroactively corrected this error.”

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