Be it MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint none is free from data leakage

The way things are going nowadays specially on data plan is like no company is left behind, or wants to be left behind, in one hand. Few days ago i read some articles concerning network providers here in Nigeria lamenting seriously on how they are been affected by the service of  some of this social media app, and

honestly if what they said is something to go by i tell you they are really losing a-lot, and they are still going to loss more because social media app have come to stay and more are been develop every day. But the true of the matter is that Nigeria is not the only country where this issue of data preservation is going on even in Europe is there and their own seen to be worse, just yesterday AT&T announce that they are rearranging their data plan and included some other services. The ways am seen this game i believe that soonest data plan will be free of charge, apart from this social apps that are now providing one with free text message and calls, there are other programs that are doing even worse than them, which you and i knows and even them are aware of this programs and year in year out they are paying huge money to stop or cut this programs but is like the more they try the more this programs are develop, so the question here is , isn't time they concentrate more on other service and forget about this one that already have leakage or simply make browsing free?. 

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