How to Enable WhatsApp-Web for iPhone Users,

After many weeks or months of waiting WhatsApp has finally launch their web service for iOS user, Whats App for web project if you ask me is just a handy tool that let users chat with their friends via a web browser on their personal computers, though initial it was only available for web browsers and mobile platforms that is,
Windows Phone, Blackberry, Simbia phones Java Phones, Android, as well as Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers. WhatsApp as you know is currently the world largest messaging platform, then they made it clear that they could not bring its WhatsApp-web-service to iPhone Users simple because of some limitations of Apple's iOS mobile operating system. But i think they have finally change their mind work towards it to meet the demand of their users and now WhatsApp-Web is finally rolling out to iPhone users.
Now to enable it work on your iOS this is how it works.
First you have to update the WhatsApp Messenger for iOS app on your iPhone, to do that simple open up the App store app go to Update and see if there is an  update  to WhatsApp if there is apply the update and open the App scroll to setting tap on the new WhatsApp-web entry and scan the QR code displayed on the website. and you are done.  Nothing more you can now use WhatsApp from your laptop or desktop computer although their website also show some instructions for iPhone user on how to go about it but i have taking my time to break it down so you can easily understand how you can do it without much delay so once you finish installing it message me so we can talk more love you all.

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