Many ways you can download any video or movie from youtube.

Without wasting much time today am going to teach you on how you can download your favorite video or movies from you-tube. On my last post i taught much on how one can make $10-$15 from you-tube everyday but, some of my readers are still complaining of  finding it difficult to download content from
you-tube. So i feel is time they learn the basis of the act, and believe me is nothing much, just a click and your content will start downloading be it music video, or movies. All you need first is to, connect your internet then open your browser be it mozilla, sea monkey, opera, or internet explorer, all of them are the same. Then go to you-tube and type the name of the content you want to download and allow it load, sometime some of the content will even start playing, put your cursor on the address bar just in-front of the you-tube, clear the www. letter in-front of you-tube and add ss click enter key in your keyboard or search with your mouse, from there it will take you to another page, allow the page to load finish and select the format you want.
2. Second one is just like the above one but this time instead of ss you add pwn allow it to load and make your choice but the better option here is telecharger from there choose the format you want and click save video and your content will start downloading.
3. The third one is totally different instead of adding ss or pwn all you need here is just put your cursor in-between you/tube and write magic, hit enter from your keyboard or search from there select the format you want and it will start downloading.
With this three method there is no content you can-not download from you-tube so what more are you still waiting for, click now and start downloading those content you ever wish for.

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