Microsoft has just released the third cumulative update for Windows 10


Microsoft are really living up to their words, just after 17 days the window was lunched they have follow it up with their update as they promised. The company i believe are very knee nowadays especially concerning this their new product Window 10. Though much have not been said concerning this update the update was
just roll out few minus ago so i believe in no distance time they will announce it. the file is 3081438. So you can log in now and start updating your window 10. exactly the reason while am keeping you update so not to be left behind in anything concerning your device, First i believe this update particulate is to help you fix bugs and also improve the performance of the window or the operating system. In one area or the other you are having fault with it. And because this update is cumulative i believe it contains all the previously released improvements, Even if you have install the other two before now or you have not for some reason when downloading this update is only the new bit will be downloaded so you have nothing to worry about. And if you are one of those that have problem or en-counted problem installing the first or the second update. Why not give this one try once you are able to install it fine then your computer should be up to date and you can for once enjoy the benefits of this window 10. But if after you install this version and you still have some problem don't worry is not a widespread issue so i believe by the time they release note concerning this update solution will be provided. In essence all am trying to do here is to keep you update concerning all you device and you can have a look there now or start installing it right away and see how your computer will be running on the latest improvement of window 10.     

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