The New Venice Android BlackBerry Slider Smartphone Is Out

Surprise Surprise Surprise, i really can believe what am seen, but is reality the new Blackberry smartphone is out, there are things so especially about this smartphone, and am going to take my time to list each and every of it one by one just relax, guest many of you who are eager to to get hold of this phone can now see their

dream coming to reality, though this time the smartphone is not running again on Blackberry OS but Android and that even makes it better so you can as well enjoy the benefits of Google play store and other things you wants to and not just with anyhow phone but with Blackberry, so if you are ready here are the features of this great smartphone;
First i will start with the camera, The phone is coupled with 18megapixel rear camera, with 5.0megapixel front face camera, built with dual led flash. The screen is 5.5inch QHD that is 1440x2560pixel, display, with 3gb of RAM, A 1.8GHz hexa-core processor, that is 64Snapdragon 808 Soc. While that of the battery capacity 3000mAh. The device features a sliding Qwerty keyboard just beneath the scree. The fastness of this device is extra ordinary, so if you are of those that have been waiting for this phone is now available for purchase on AT&T, Verizone, and T-Mobiles. hope it will soon be available also on Amazon. Once you get one let me know what you think of the phone so we can as well keep others update, thank you love you all.

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