Why you must market your product on facebook

For many century the success of every product depend largely on how the product is been marketed, before other things. many ways has been created just to marker certain goods, today companies all over the world spend much on marketing, and social media have been one of the busies place to market product
today. facebook, on daily basis a-lot of transactions goes on, on facebook either the company provides one with the link one can use to get to their main site or their address is fully written there in-case you are interested on their product, and the true remains that all this companies recode huge success everyday or if not i bet you they would have stop using them. As of today am yet to see anyone who is not using facebook either to chat, connect with friends, do research, or market product. Yet some are still blind to this provision of advertising their product on facebook, they only visit facebook to chat make friends and nothing more. No need to blame them they done know there are two side to every coin, or they are yet to see or hear the success story of others before they will start whereby they them-self have success stories embedded. Most times they chat on face-book they can equally do their marketing as well. First all you need to understand is that is not that hard you think it's, and not even expensive even if you chose to pay is just from $5-$10 that if you want face-book team to help you cover some distance, what i mean by distance is your advert will be shown on every side page, for the period you purchase. But in-case you done have money for that no problem you are still covered. All you need is log-in to your account, create a  create a page if you done know how to do that follow here then create something like banner and upload it with some description concerning the product you wish to market, or you are market. Then remember to include the main site address through which those interested can follow to get the product. Once you are done leave it and watch what i call magic you will be surprise on how people will be thanking you for making a journey of ten thousand mile easily for them with a click of button. 

What ever the product it's let it be, is marketable on social media. But one social media where every company wants to be is

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