Learn How To Be Productive Bloggers And Not Hardworking Blogger

Every day you log in online you heard or see different post online why you as a blogger must work heard if you really wants to make it, most of them fail to explain what they mean by working heard, while those who explain some part only ends up telling us the old ways of doing things, like writing content, getting adsense,
applying for SEO, and bala bala bala. You have finally being approve by adsense automatically the story have now change that for you to be successful you must change your content keyword, to enable you rank first on search engine, from that you are encourage to include things like insurance, loan, and data backup, since they are the ones that pay more compare to others, before you conclude with that, you are into Affiliate marketing, selling advert space, and paying expertise to write for you all in the name to make it online. You read and read and read but after sometime if you calculate the whole thing you have read all of them are still pointing finger on the above topic hard working,  Every blogger seem to work hard or harder everyday yet without any improvement in their result. They follow the due process did everything they are ask to do endure the sleepless night, promote every goods they can lay their hand on yea still nothing to show for it. I have being there too spending endless time doing things that am told is the only way to succeed, and at the end having nothing to show for it. Well today after having gaining all these experience am here to inform you of a better approach and how to implement some of the thing you love doing without stress and still succeed.

First as a blogger inasmuch as we all know that money is an important aspect of everything in life but please lets put it away now we will include it later when the time comes, for you to succeed as a blogger, there are things you are already doing that should be enough to make you rich online, bear in mind that you don't start blog when you need money, you start blogging when you see some needs that you can help people fill or some services that people have but you have a better way of giving them this services.

Once you have this at the back of your mind as a blogger then you need not worry much because if you ask me you are on the right lane. Blogging is a kind of investment and not buying and selling business though there are ways you can as well apply the business approach into it and this is where many bloggers fail it, they leave the investment lane that blogging is mean for and follow the business aspect, and after setting the business up which you and i knows it takes time to find right customers since what you are serving have already being serve, and as you know every business owner needs returns and once this returns are not coming fore they simply give up.

As a blogger you must understand how investment work instead of reading all this content that add nothing to you, is far better spending your time reading investments approach. There are content online we all read most of them were first written either early 2000 or 2005 and most of those bloggers that wrote them write one to five times in a years yet their content are still fresh and still rank first on search engine. All they spend most of their time doing is just updating and enjoy the benefits that are attach to good work. As a blogger you must understand that every content online attract views from time to time even if you open your post and only write a there somebody somewhere will open it one day and may even ask you what you mean by writing only a that is the search of investment but you must understand that you are not the only one that have wrote a and publish thousand have done it over and over again so what is the idea you may ask?.

As i have said your site is like your digital home you have authority over everything that goes on there, but for you to succeed on that your digital home you must understand what you want your home to be like meaning you must understand the inch you are into that way it will be very easy for you to love and control everything that goes on there. It will also be easy for you to apply the necessary links you want, not doing so because somebody else is doing. But because you know what you are doing.

Another example am going to give you here is that of a prof and a student, remember a prof was one time a student no argue about that but there are those who jump classes and still maintain there position while some who follow due line fail, there is nothing bad here provided they learn some lesson from why they fail, of those who jump classes are more likely to jump more if the opportunity occur and every day online the opportunity is there waiting for one to grab it.

A student who dreams to perform well must attend class everyday and do the necessary works that he or she is required to do unlike a prof who chose when to attend class and spend time he fix to do so, he owe you no explanation on that rather you should be thanking your goodness that he even came as he promise. Now combine this two things in investment you will come out with one process. Called preservation.

Why? because a student who have a rich parent is likely to invest more than a prof who is also taking care of his other family need but both of them do invest that is the point. Here you are the student every idea you need from your parents (online) has being supplied in quantity all you are ask to do is just use this ideas and invest. The profs are those that have written most of the content you are reading now you see why you are far better than them because they are providing content online to make you better that is the other aspect of their family indirectly you, All you need is get their content together from there you will be able to put up your own content (investment) If am not mistaken you have read ten or even more than that content from online and from different peoples, while again settling down again to start like student on that aspect, you are free to jump classes here because you have what is required to do so and all you need here is to start like a prof on that inche and invest like a student because you have resources to do so at your disposal.

Once you start doing things this way online. First you will create and inch for yourself and then the money on it own will keep coming in. that is the secret of investment apply it to your blog and watch the magic. You will always laugh last, and above all have time for yourself to attend other things that needs your attention, as a blogger you have no right to work hard, all you have to do is simply work smart and everything will work out on their own.

Be it adsense, content marketing, affiliate marketing, advert space, and what have you.
So i believe is time you make use of what you have and stop wasting your time on things that never work. rather invest the ones you have now that is all you need good luck. For comments and questions do use the comment box, i will love to hear from you.

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