Start Earning Cash From Fiverr, Doing What You Enjoy Most

Over Four years ago when i started blogging newly, sharing and enjoying what i was doing, it happens that somehow i run out of cash to continue, though i had small business i was doing but i love keeping eyes on my blog reason being that i was receiving a-lot of a-mails from my readers requesting of one assistance or
another and honestly i found joy replying and helping them solve their problem, but yet i was financial broke somehow, so as a blogger i decided to look out online for some opportunities that will enable me make some cash. The issue here also was that i love communicating and helping my readers that the last thing that ever come to my mind was asking them to pay for the services i was giving them.

I try many things online yet nothing positive came out of them, though i wasn't aware of affiliate marketing then, the survey i was doing then was just a kind of wasting time and resources, and Adsense wasn't helping matters then. It happens that one day i was just browsing through my Facebook page, and came across a site called Fiverr somebody had posted something about them how he was making some cash through them though not that much but at least to keep one going, well i decided again to give it a try and there the miracle happened  and still happening up till today, so i feel is good i share how it all happen.

Every one of us have one or two things we love doing in-fact most of this things push us to open blog and most of us who are still finding it hard to open a website or blog use their Facebook page to showcase their works online, who can believe that with $5 great works can be achieve all thanks to this site fiverr. The first time i started as a Nigerian i feel $5 was really nothing but again i gave it a second thought if i can post 4-5 posts in a week on my blog why can i help a client out with 3-4 post a week and get $20 a week then may be $70-$80 a month is not really that big but that will keep me going most of my friends i shared the idea with then were really against it simple because they feel the money was very pool most of them were still searching when i made my first $100 that was all i needed just a light at the end of tunnel to keep me motivated trust me i love what i was doing and since am sure they pay is time i change gear and add more force, most of the clients i did work for love what i did and gave me more to do.

And at a time i was having 30-35 jobs to accomplished it was then i decided to rearrange my plane and chose when to work and when not to the simple reason was just to create time for my other works and also maintain my relationship with my readers pertaining their questions and other request, from the evidence i have then (the money) i was able to convince my other friend to give fiverr a try and believe me all of them today are earning much from fiverr simply doing what they love. As a blogger one thing we need most if the true be told is just to see some cash and from there explore to other area we never think of, reason being that to make money online you are not banned to one channel you are free to use as many as possible method available but the idea is to make sure you are adding value to someone's life, and at the same time enjoy doing what you are doing, both have to work together or you will end up soon then you expect.

 On a normal circumstance if you ask a blogger to write a post for $5 i doubt he will listen talk more of paying attention to other things you got to say but give the same blogger $100 and ask him or her to write 100 post he won't have problem doing that why because he value $100 bulk than saving $5 for twenty times to make $100 that is the reason why i say some blogger nowadays are really missing the idea of blogging, they see blogging or do i say they are into blogging from the business aspect rather than the investment aspect blogging is made for, Even the so called Adsense most of us spend eternity waiting for is still very hard to see a keyword that generate $5-$10 yet most of us won't rest because we feel they have it all most of their keyword goes for 0.15 but in fiverr is very hard to see a job that is less than $5 unless you chose which as a profession i doubt you would.

There are great advantages that abound in fiverr but you need to sign up with them first create your Gig, A Gig here is just a simple way of telling customers what you are good at, set up your contact and account details and you are ready to go. The idea is first you must chose what you enjoy doing and very good at doing it, the spirit of covetousness has to be really part away with here, explore different ways to master your chosen area and them prepare to give your client the best. Though am not promising you here of getting rich with fiverr but you will make enough money combine with your other resource and you will have enough reason being a happy person you ever want to be. Are you still there Click Here to sign up and also make sure to join their Affiliate program that way you can equally tell others and at the same time make more cash.


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