Affiliate Content The Most Important Element For Online Marketing,

Sometimes most of my readers do ask why adsense is not showing in my blog, if am being rejected or just not interested, well today am going to answer that question and also tell you the reason behind some moves i make sometimes. Adsense without a shadow of doubt is one of the largest way or if not the largest way to
monetize site, and the dream of every blogger is is to have it running in their site, but there are some hidden true about this adsense that some blogger have not discovered yet, inasmuch as we know they show advert according to your content most times most of our customers are lost through this advert. most of them that are interested in this advert once they click on it will land on the main site and there by not coming back to see other offer we have, there are so many advantage and disadvantages with adsense, but because they pay well sometimes, that also depend on your content most blogger forget to look at this disadvantages and focus on the possibilities of making money with them. I love adsense very much but as a blogger there million ways you can earn money online is only you that knows the one that work best for you. On the other hand lets take a look at the affiliate marketing, am very sure you must have heard much about it or even have some running on your site, to me that is one of the best way to earn cash any time from online. Some times you may have up to 100 views a day on your site with just 3-8 click on your adsense advert and calculating from this 8 clicks you will  be making $1-$3 depending on your content anyway lets say 3x30 that will give you $90 for one month, but with affiliate marketing you are sure of making $90 in two to three days since you are marketing products you are sure of and can even go along way to tell your readers why they need the product of course from personal experience is always far better to market product you have use that way you can easily answer readers questions concerning such product. Inasmuch as we know there are countless of them out there, all you need is to find the one that you have used and help the produce market it earn your on commission, and that ends the story, On you part you are happy for making two parties happy and fulfill and also earning cash from it, on the produce part he is happy for having another customer that wouldn't have know much about their product if not you, and the customer is also happy for having a trusted and reliable refer like you. So you can see what you have being missing from affiliate marketing, am trust me there are some you wouldn't like to have anything to do with but somebody somewhere is earning huge from it, advantages of affiliate marketing are much.So today am going to show you one you can set up now and start earning with today is Prosperent. they are one of the site that put smile on my face and encourage me to continue blogging. They deal on different products range from wears to electronics, all you need is to sign up which you can do now by CLICKING HERE choose products you are interested in, past their code on your site or use their referral link and and start earning, there is no limit of how much you can earn, so long as your site is up you are entitle to make as much as possible with them.

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