Two Steps To Start Making Money With Few Visitors.

For every blogger I know or may not know, there's one part about blogging that we all wants to know more about, and that is making money from our blog. Inasmuch as we know that we started blogging mainly to share ideas of things we know, and also help those that need our service. Inline of helping them you may

decide to charge for that service you are rendering. There is nothing bad about this, from what i know it will even make them value the service you are providing them, and as well help you stay focus.

 But what if you are only having few visitors? And you really done want to upset them by charging them for the service you are giving out, or simple you prefer giving the service out free of charge. Don't worry am going to list some tips you can easily use to make money from you blog even if you are only getting 20 readers a day. All I want you to put aside here is fake identity, remain who you are and follow me to the great side of opportunity.

(1)In-case you have fake post or content on your blog, kindly sent them to trash. The reason am also against this is simple because I want you to be focus and at the same time professional. If is phone you are sure of, remain with phone. If is car you are so sure of, remain with. And if you are sure of both, still remain with them.

I really done want a situation whereby you talk of phone today. From there you heard that Jazz is traveling to New York tomorrow, and is one of the hottest trends on Google you quickly jump there and past it on your blog, all in the name of attracting new readers or adding increase. All that are not really necessary here remain who you are and stick to what you know. That way your few readers will know you with your say, which is professionalism.

 And they won’t also find it difficult to share your article with their friends, thereby attracting more readers to your blog. So the first thing here is to be focus and professional.

(2) Now that your customers are sure of you, and you are keeping to what you know, no matter from any angle it may come is time you start selling your own product. Though here it would have been good you ask them, the kind of product they would love to have you create. But I decided to exclude it, because since they will only be comfortable if you create a product in-line with what they know you with, and the chance of selling it fast is very high too.

So all you need here is just to create a simple product in-line with what you know. Make sure that such products are very comprehensible, from every angle relating to your line. Ones you are able to follow these simple two steps. You won't have problem making money from your blog with few visitors. This has keep me going even from the day i started blogging, hope as you read and apply everything you read here you too will have reason to smile even with few visitors. .

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