Apple Has Just Releases First Public Beta of iOS 9.1 Include With 184 New Emojis


Apple are back again with another update, thought this time around they are not just releasing update to fulfill all righteousness but to meet consumers demand and as well fix some regular problem their users encounter every day. It took Apple's just 42 days to break the record with their latest release  iOS 9.1. Though they
didn't only came out with the iOS they also added 184 new emojis, one of which is eye-in-a-speech-bubble emoji that represents an anti-bullying campaign.

Since September 16 they first release iOS 9, this is first of its update and indeed the iOS 9.1 will fixes a number of bugs that existed in the previous version, iOS9.0.2. Another noticeable features in 9.1 are new APIs for playback of  Live Photos a great improvement to the operating system's support for Apple Pencil.

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Its also help the stability of apps like Safari, Carplay, and Search. Honestly if you ask me i will encourage every user that have iPhone, or iPad, to embrace this update. Even sites like Forbes, ZDNet have giving them a qualified thumbs-up and calls it a much-needed performance and stability update. Read to get the update simple CLICK HERE to learn. 

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