Complete Review Of The Latest Lenovo Yoga 900

Lenovo one of the first company that invented flip laptop-come-tablet are back again with another design, Indeed the company have through it all, managed to maintain a lead in the space, that i will said thanks to their neurotic focus on Yoga products hinges and visual allure. Indeed Yoga 900 their latest tech, has
continue to endeavor and also aims to further refine the stellar design of Lenovo's 2014 that is Yoga Pro 3.

Yoga 900 if you check well has a similar metal finish and all but identical looking backlit keyboard. The only design different is the addition of a leather, compare to the other one the has rubber, complete around the keyboard. And another noticeable change also has to do with the hinge mechanism. Unlike the previous 2014 Yoga 3 Pro hinge which was seriously impressive piece of engineering that have over 1,000 moving pieces that allow you to fold the keyboard onto the device's back, that alone making Yoga 3 Pro into a complete giant tablet.

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The company have this time reduce the number of parts to around 800and they also added an auto lock features on it. Include a snap mechanism that pulls together the keyboard and the screen when they get close, advance of technology. With the new lock mechanism feature allowing the device look excellent. And also the keyboard typing experience is also as pleasant it was on the
Yoga Pro 3's thought the trackpad is a smidgen larger, making the device feel slightly easier to use.

Yoga 900's frame, the company added a number of under the hood improvement that alone will help boost the convertible performance. Talk of the move they took this time from fifth generation Core M processor to a sixth-gen Intel iCore chip. Thought the weak point of this particular M processor is on power efficiency left it somehow underpowered.

Which i believe the shift to newer iCore chip should resolve it though am yet to test the efficiency of it on 3D gaming. Apart from this the device has a-lot to offer, one of them which is the Intel HD 520 Graphics, which put it on line with most other ultra-books of the year. Indeed Lenovo Yoga 900 is significantly cleaner if you ask me than most laptops out there.

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This i believe could prove a selling point for the product. Lenovo Yoga 900 feature the same 27in 3200 x 1800 Full HD resolution touchscreen display, powered by a fifth-generation Intel Core i7 processor and a Nvidia GeForce 9420 GPU.  Support 16GB of storage, which can be expand up to 512GB via microSD card slot. Ship with Windows 10 and Skylake power. The company also claim that the battery can last up to three (3) hours.


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