Do Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL Have What Its Take To Succeed On The High-End Phone Market

The company Microsoft, just recently came out with their latest Lumia 590 and Lumia 950 XL, both i believe are the company's latest competitors on the ever busy phone market, and as such are set to compete with other rivals iPhone 6s/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, Jolla and the rest. Inasmuch as the company are
working hard to at least become more relevant especially on phone hardware, many on the other hand still
feel that the company (Microsoft) really don't have what it takes gain market share and compete against its rivals running Android, iOS and Sailfish.

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Inasmuch there are some who still  think Microsoft still have a long way to go. There also majority of users out there who previously owned a Windows Phone and strongly believe that with introduction of Windows 10 Mobile the company have step their feet on the right direction. So long as the mobile efforts of  the Redmond-based software giant are really concerned.

Of course another feature that made Window Phone stand out or will i say the tactics employ by the company is the introduction of Continuum. A simple feature Microsoft introduce with  much fanfare in the
early part of the year that allow users to connect a Windows Phone to a monitor or projector screen and transform it into a fully-featured computer.

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The ability of Continuum to mirrors phone screen on the monitor and allows you to work on it just like on a regular PC with all the files saved on the phone, have indeed help many come to see Microsoft Phone or Windows Phone in another great way. I also believe that the new Lumia have also refresh Microsoft's mobile efforts.

Having say that in reality it takes more than that to become a successful player more especially now that the mobile Phone market are more challenging than before, Inasmuch as i believe that there are other Window 10 Mobile phones on their way, the company must have to extend their hand to other partners for help if at all they are serious of expanding this their new ecosystem, at least i believe with others coming in with their own different experience it will help boost other areas of their services and thereby meeting their customers expectations.

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