Get Kangaroo, Mobile PC With Windows 10 For Only $99

Who still need desktop nowadays, that you can simply get tablet or better still go for Chromebook. If there is one thing we all hate most about desktop i think is because of the heavy and bulky status it has and space it occupy. Well with the rate technology is going i strongly believe you know there is nothing impossible nowadays.

Technology indeed has evolved to such a great extent that pretty much, the same hardware can now simply
fit into a small case that is not even bigger than your mobile phone. Believe it or not is true. In-fact to cut the story short, a device called Kangaroo is a living proof to this. In-fact the company behind this tech InFocus describe Kangaroo as a portable PC that allows you to work in Windows 10 just like on a fully featured desktop computer.

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Though having been on this field for a while now, honestly this is not the first time am hearing about portable computer and PC. But the very thing that made Kangaroo exceptional is that that InFocus, tried to give users more powerful hardware and also more connectivity options filed. Coupled with great dimensions. Making it
look exactly like your mobile phone, that you can easily put into your pocket and carry it around if you wish to.

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Yet it has decent hardware that could actually replace a desktop computer. But you must understand that not all that work on full desktop does so on Kangaroo  In-fact apart from document-editing, browsing and chatting with combo, i don't see any other thing you can do with it.

Kangaroo has great features like Intel Cherrytrail (Z8500) SOC, coupled with 2GB of RAM and support up to 32GB via microSD card that is if you need more storage. And is ship with Windows 10. Kangaroo also comes with an on board battery that they say can last up to 4 hours on normal use.

They also include Kangaroo Dock that provides additional connectivity options such as HDMI and two USB ports. Honestly, the idea of having a PC on the go is great and i believe that is the very reason why Microsoft is building Continuum. So you simply have to sit back and watch the competition as it start, and i will always be here to keep you inform.

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