Honda Has Started Recalling Their Latest Product CR-Vs-2016 Over Air Bag Issue

If you are one of those that have gotten the Honda latest product CR-Vs 2016, well luck you. The company has announce that they are recalling back the car over issues of air bag. Though they said the problem affected only 515 and is only thirty (30) were sold before dealers were ask to hold on or stop selling, to make sure the issue is resolve before anything other thing. Honda on their part, denial having knowledge of the say product killing anyone, rather they said the
problem was discover in Mexico Takara plant on Oct 10. While they were testing the product the air-bag inflator ruptured. From all we know over 8-9 people have already die and 98 others have been injured by air bag inflators that explode with too much force, as a result sending shrapnel into car occupants.

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What you must know about the issue of air bag and why is a serious matter is first, A defect in the housing around the air-bag inflator could cause the inflator to rupture, and once this kind of problem occur it usual
result in serious injury or even death. A serious notice i read from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website. In the other hand the federal official have said that the recall is taking longer.

While American Honda Motor Co. responding to the statement said that the defect covered by the new recall is totally different from previous defects. Promising that by Dec 4. The recall must have been complete, is now left to be seen if they are going to stand by their words or what do you think?

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