HP Has Started Rolling Out Amped Up Chromebooks

If any tech company out there tells you that PC is no product to relay on, simple nod your head and walk away because they are lazy or simple don't understand how tech market works. So long as HP company is still concern PC production remain one of the best device to relay on. They announce today that they are
rolling out Chromebook. The HP Chromebook 14 Notebook if you ask me adds more bells and whistles,
talk of high-resolution display with long lasting battery life of over nine hours above all at a very lower price.

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Also there are great features that are added in the device that you simply can look with a wave of hand. One of them i find hard to stop talking about is the 14inch diagonal optional Full HD IPS display which makes content easier to view from any angle. And also as a user you can use app like Hulu or Netflix to stream video content to the HD screen or simple stream from the Chromebook to any TV by using Google Chromecast, a simple device that plugs into a TV's HDMI port and is powered by a USB cable.

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Chromebook 14 though is fanless but comes equipped with an Intel Celeron N2840 processor  that makes browsing more faster like never before. Support dual-core 2.16 GHz processor with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.58GHz, Chromebook 14 support 2GB of DDR3L SD-RAM memory. Built with Intel HD grahics and have 16GB of neMMC flash storage.

And have also 100GB of Google Drive cloud storage for maximum of two years, so you are free to store share and collaborate on document simply using Google Apps. Chromebook 14 indeed has plenty of ports including one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports HDMI and a microSD cared reader. It also has HP Sleepand Charge port via USB 3.0 port for charging devices especially when you are traveling or on the road.

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