South Korean Telcom Company SK Are Working Toward 5G network Service

Without any shadow of doubt South Korea is currently the only country enjoying world's fastest Internet speeds, so of them saying they are likely to be the first to get a fifth-generation mobile network, aka 5G is not really a surprise to me. Yes their one of most widely used mobile carrier SK Telecom, this week said it
would be the world first operator of a 5G network since their door is wild opened for the 5G Playground, a The Korea Herald. Of course since we are already on 4G LTE, 5G is the next significant update to wireless Internet connectivity. dedicated to researching the nascent service, a report according to

The company reportedly demonstrated speeds of up to 19.1 gigabits per second, if you calculate that well is almost 1,000 times faster than 25 megabits-per second in which 4G LTE user in that country currently enjoy. If they indeed finally get 5G working that means you can easily download a 2GB movie in a matter of seconds. From all we know confirm by the company CEO Choi Jin-sung,  SKT will spare no efforts to achieve the world's first commercialization of the 5G network.

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And to show all how serious they are, they have opened centre, which will work in conjunction with the highest tech companies Samsung Electronics, Intel, Nokia, telco infrastructure provider Ericsson and electronics firm Rhode and Schwartz. They said the service is going to be ready by 2017, that 's ahead of a globally standardised, commercially usable network by 2020.

Thought having said all that the company SK Telecom isn't the only telcom service provide that eyes on 5G. In-fact US Verizon wireless  are on the to  begin testing its fifth-gen network next year, and if they succeed by 2017 they would have some degree of commercial availability. Then talk of Telstra an Australia's firm that also promise to start distributing of 5G network by 2020.

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Verizon said that the 5G will offer a connection speed 30-50 times faster than the current US 4G LTE network. For me am enjoying every bit of the show let the competition continue.

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