Huawei P9 Officially Out Likely World's First Smartphone to Pack 6GB RAM

If you could still remember it wasn't long ago one of the Chinese leading tech company Huawei launched it Mate 8, which i strongly believe is likely to make its debut in the US in the coming weeks. However the company ( Huawei) plans to unveil yet another high-end device that will be aimed at
flagship phablet, that is the
those who don't get along with phablets or its features. Of course the P9 is supposed to be Huawei's next top-of-the-line device, and GadgetzArena reports that the smartphone could be officially out later this week likely at the CES 2016 trade fair.

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Though normally it's not unusual for a handset maker to launch a new device during an electronics show, but analyst have it that the Huawei P9 will be one of the first device to come with 6GB of RAM inside. Of course at the moment i doubt if there is any smartphone with 6GB available on the market, which is why i believe the Huawei P9 might be the world's first smartphone to pack such a high amount of memory.

Also apart from the impressive amount of RAM, the device (Huawei P9) is also expected to come with a 5.2-inch capacitive  touchscreen display which support full HD  (1080p) resolution. Another thing is the device is well equipped with Huawei's powerful Kirin 950 chipset. Coupled with the fact that the device will feature interesting dual camera setup.

In-fact the P9's camera will be working on an innovative algorithm that Huawei has been developing in secret for several years now. It's also worth mentioning the phone's main camera with pack a Sony IMX2X6 sensor. What more can you ask of?.

And i believe the company are working on with time since, it has been release on the market ahead of Samsung's Galaxy S7, which i believe will help with the sales, Have you gotten the device what do you make of it? love to hear what you think.

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