Lets Talk About The Best Antivirus Apps for Windows 10 And Why You Need Like Insurance

Of course without been told we all knows there are many ways to protect a Windows computer, but the main one continues to be installing an antivirus solution that can do almost the whole job for you. And although Windows 10 features significant security improvements, nevertheless antivirus apps are still needed.

German security institute AV-TEST conducted a new research to determine the best antivirus solutions for enterprise computers and find out which one provides the best client-server protection.
Of the 11 security apps included in the test, just one scored a maximum of 6 points in all sessions, namely Kaspersky’s Small Office Security 15.0, while two others, Bitdefender Endpoint Security 5.3 and Trend Micro Office Scan 11, achieved 6 points for protection and usability, but 5.5 points for performance.
Microsoft’s System Center Endpoint Protection 4.8, which once again has been used as base values, obtained 4.5 points for protection and performance and the maximum of 6 points for usability.
Lowest scores
Cylance Protect 1.2 and Seqrite Endpoint Security 16.0 got the worst overall scores of just 13.5 and 13 points, respectively.
“While the products from Cylance and Seqrite are not bad in terms of operation, they fail to score higher in the overall ranking than the reference value set by the Microsoft Security Module,” AV-TEST says in the official result documents.
“The laboratory used the result of the Microsoft security module also tested, the System Center Endpoint Protection, as a reference value for comparison. The threshold thus lay at 15 points, which was exceeded, however, by Intel Security, Sophos, F-Secure and G Data. Only the products from Cylance and Seqrite came in lower with 13.5 and 13 points.”
Although it’s very clear that security solutions can help stay away from malware, it’s also up to users to keep their computers on the safe side, so avoid clicking links and downloading files coming from unknown sources that could post a risk of infection for your data.

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