Small Businesses that Use Drones Are Now In-casing Lets Talk bout It!

Well in-case you don't know that drone flying around a suburban house might not belong to a wannabe pilot -- it may be a tool that's become indispensable for a small business. Many small companies have either built their business around drones or use them to do tasks they previously accomplished by regular planes and
helicopters. The unmanned aircraft also take the place of humans who might use scaffolding or navigate difficult terrain to get a close look at a structure or damage from a disaster. Drones, whose prices range from under $100 into the thousands of dollars, can be cheaper, faster and safer ways to make inspections and take photos and videos.
Mark Stoner's chimney repair company uses them to assess the work a potential customer needs without rigging a scaffold or having a worker climb onto a sharply-angled roof.

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