Lets Talk About The New Samsung Galaxy S7 Custom Edition With Putin’s Portrait Engraved in Ruby Stones

As you know every once in a while, these editions are over-the-top. The most recent is Samsung’s Galaxy S7 custom edition, which now comes with Putin’s portrait engraved on the back with 190 rubies.
Caviar, a Russian company that specializes in smartphone customization, launched a custom edition of the Samsung Galaxy S7 with the Russian president’s portrait engraved on the back.

Caviar named the smartphone Samsung Supremo Putin Rubino and engraved it with 190 ruby stones, thus driving the price to a whopping sum of $27,100. Still, only three people in the world will own such a phone, thus guaranteeing exclusivity for those who can afford to spend such sums on a mere phone.
Caviar also manufactured a yellow gold Samsung Supremo Putin at a much smaller price of $2,600 while the white gold model costs even less, $2,400.
It also released the Ornamento model with the traditional Russian Khokhloma painting, which sells for $2,250.

Caviar stamped Putin’s portrait on an iPhone 6S, as well
Surprisingly, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 isn’t the first flagship smartphone to get such a ‘special’ treatment, Caviar also engraved Putin’s portrait on an iPhone 6S and has multiple collections with Russian motifs or major international brands engraved even on Apple smartwatches.
Specs of these smartphones should be the same as the standard Galaxy S7, as this Putin edition phone only focuses on the phone’s case. The premium edition doesn’t add to the style of the phone, but rather shows off the owner’s opulence.

It has a titanium plate covered with a thin relief and features Vladimir Putin’s portrait in a golden circle. There are lines from the national anthem engraved in a gold background under the portrait.
Clearly, the Samsung Supremo Putin Rubino and other such smartphones sold by Caviar are addressed to a very small clientele, consisting most likely of oligarchs who wish to show off their wealth and admiration for the Russian president.

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