Lets Talk About: iPhone That Runs Android with Custom Case Created by Mobile Developer

As you know when it comes to mobile operating systems, there are two main OSes that dominate the market: iOS and Android. Now, it seems that a developer found a way to switch from one OS to the other, all on the same device, as he created an iPhone case that allows users to run Android on Apple iPhones.
Developer Nick Lee succeeded in bringing a full-fledged version of the Android to an iPhone, but in order to do so, he created a 3D-printed handset.

Lee decided to clone the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to make a custom version of Android Marshmallow that he could run on an iPhone 6S.

Nick Lee printed an iPhone-sized enclosure and combined it with a board, a battery, a boost converter, and resistor to make the case. The first prototype that the developer created had a bulky design, but he managed to slim down the case to a size that wasn’t larger than a standard smartphone battery case.

The 3D printed case had HDMI and USB ports
The developer also included openings for HDMI and USB ports, as well as an SD card slot. He posted a video on YouTube showing the design and demonstrating that the iPhone ran Android OS. Before placing the iPhone on top of the case, he slipped a light sheet of plastic over the components, possibly for protection against heating.

Lee booted Android using a custom Tendigi app on the iPhone’s home screen, and he used the app to communicate with the case and load the custom version of Android on an iPhone 6S. The man, who is an employee at Tendigi, a mobile design and development studio in New York, states that he spent 45 hours building the case, according to an interview he gave to The Next Web.

While the experiment does require some tools that not many have access to, it does demonstrate one important fact: that iPhones can indeed run custom open-source versions of Android, with the right equipment, of course.

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