Lets Talk About: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with S Pen

Well like we all are expecting Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is expected to take the market by storm after its unveiling on August 2. Still, until then, images of the upcoming smartphone continue to surface online, with the latest depicting the Galaxy Note 7 together with the S Pen.

The image posted by Evan Blass shows the Galaxy Note 7 in Blue Coral color as well as the S Pen. The handset appears to have a dual-curved display, two openings at the top for the iris scanning biometric setup, and the USB Type-C port at the bottom.

This is the first leaked image that reveals the S Pen, which is said to come with additional functionality. The S Pen seems to be offered in the same Blue Coral color, with the tip of the stylus in a metallic shade similar to the one the phone has on the sides. A Samsung representative has recently stated that the S Pen will have added functionality.

The S Pen stylus could be waterproof too
Another rumor has surfaced, with Mai Nguyên from Luxury Mobile (via PhoneArena) revealing that the S Pen will have the ability to work underwater. Galaxy Note 7 is expected to come with IP68 certification, and the blogger claims that users will be able to write on the Note 7's display with the stylus underwater.
This seems interesting, and it's enough to get us all excited, but it remains to be seen how Samsung will actually pull that off. Nevertheless, the Galaxy Note 7 will be officially unveiled on August 2, at an event held in New York.

Word is that pre-orders for the smartphone will go live immediately after the unveiling event, which wouldn't be out of the ordinary, considering that third-party accessories are already available on multiple websites. In addition, T-Mobile is said to launch a BOGO deal for the Galaxy Note 7, but that remains to be seen.

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