Lets Talk About: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Flat Prototype

Finally Samsung announced a few weeks ago that it would officially unveil the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2, during an event held in New York. The smartphone is allegedly set to go on sale right after the unveiling, but pre-orders have already gone live in Dubai, with some rumors suggesting that T-Mobile too will launch pre-orders this week.

New images of the Galaxy Note 7 have just leaked online, showing off the flat design and some particularities of the device, according to TechTastic. The word is that Samsung will be releasing only the dual-edge variant of the Galaxy Note 7 while the model with a flat design will stay at the stage of a simple prototype.

Despite the fact that the flat design must have been appealing to many consumers, Samsung seems to have taken the decision to go ahead and only release the dual curved screen model. Nevertheless, the flat model has leaked in multiple pictures over the past few weeks, showing what such a variant would look like.

The Galaxy Note 7 will come with an iris scanner and redesigned S Pen stylus
Information on the Galaxy Note 7 has been leaking for some time now. Just recently, screenshots of the iris scanner setup and S Pen menu leaked. What these images did was show fans of this device what the menu would look like and how the iris scanner would be set up.

Even wallpapers of the Galaxy Note 7 leaked a few days ago, which isn't surprising with so many people having speculated on the smartphone's specs for some time now. The Galaxy Note 7 is said to come with an iris scanner and a redesigned S Pen with added functionality. Aside from this, the screen is supposed to reach 5.7 inches with Quad HD resolution, and the handset could have IP68 certification.

The Note might also have a 12MP rear camera with autofocus and come with a 5MP unit on the front. In addition, the Galaxy Note 7 could pack a Snapdragon 821 processor and offer 6GB of RAM, but that remains to be seen on August 2, which is less than a week from now.

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