Lets Talk About: Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge Looks Perfect In Official Pictures

Whether you agree or not the Galaxy S7 remains the only high-end smartphone Samsung has available for those who want the latest flagship from the South Korean company. The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco forced Samsung to ramp up Galaxy S7 and S7 edge production, as many consumers have decided to switch to one of these two devices when returning their faulty phablets.

With the holiday season upon us, Samsung is stuck with the Galaxy S7/S7 edge, which remain the only choices for customers who want to make themselves an expensive gift. The good news is that there's one specific Galaxy S7 edge version that everyone seems to like more than all others.
The Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge has been officially introduced about a week ago, but won't go on sale until November 5. However, Samsung Taiwan suggests the device will be released in the country slightly earlier, as customers will be able to order one beginning November 1.
As expected, the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge will cost a small fortune, at least in Taiwan, as Samsung announced it would be available for around $790 outright.
The Blue Coral version of Galaxy S7 edge will be slowly rolled out in more countries, as Samsung hopes to make it available worldwide by the holiday season.
Customers in the United States will be able to buy one through Verizon, which is rumored to carry the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge. Other carriers in the U.S. might sell the smartphone as well, but we only have evidence that suggests the phone will be offered by the Big Red.
Since Samsung has promised the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge will be launched on the market on November 5, it remains to be seen what markets will get it first.
Until then, let yourself be mesmerized by the beautiful Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge pictures that we've added in the gallery. Also, don't forget to check out our full Samsung Galaxy S7 edge review.

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