Lets Talk About Google Updates Allo with Split-Screen Support and Direct Reply


Google’s Allo application is one of the most popular apps created by the tech giant and it has quickly become very popular on the Play Store. The application has already surpassed the 5 million downloads mark and has a rating of about 4.2 stars.

Google has recently updated Allo with a set of features that are found in Android 7.0 Nougat. The features include split screen or multi-window support, as well as direct replies from the notification screen.
In order to launch the split screen mode in Allo, users simply need to open the app and long press on the recent apps button on their device. The button is shaped like a square on Nougat-powered devices like the Google Pixel or Nexus phones.
Users can keep Allo active and on top while opening any other application installed on their phones. It’s a great mode to use when multi-tasking and wanting to work on multiple applications at once, without having to switch between them.
The second feature that’s now available in Allo is direct reply from the notification shade. After receiving a new message, users simply need to pull down the notification shade from Allo and press the reply button. After that, they can start typing the message, without having to actually open the app.
The update brings some more tools to Allo, including splash screen, direct voice recognition in Assistant, and support for toggling chats to monochrome. GIF support in keyboard and app shortcuts for Android 7.1 were also added.
Allo is available on the Google Play Store, and although it doesn’t require Android Nougat to work, the new features are limited to the latest OS version from Google.

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