Lets Talk About: Pushbullet Now Allows Users To See And Send Google Allo Messages From PC


Guess you don't know well Pushbullet is a neat service that allows users to connect their devices and send or receive SMS messages from their computers. It works with multiple popular applications including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and Pushbullet creators have just announced that they added a new feature to the service.

Google Allo users can now send and receive messages from their PCs using Pushbullet. Google’s latest messaging application doesn’t have a desktop version, which means that Pushbullet’s new feature will surely be very useful to users.
Allo already comes with the ability to quickly reply from notifications and the new Pushbullet update makes use of this feature when adding Allo support.
In order to view and send Google Allo messages from the computer, users need to have the latest versions of both Allo and Pushbullet installed on their devices.
In addition, users would need to enable Notification Mirroring after signing in to the Android app in order to get started.
When receiving a message through Allo, a notification shade will appear on the Android phone and Pushbullet will also display the same notification on the computer. Users simply need to click Reply, type in their message and press send from the computer.
Just yesterday, Allo received an update with direct reply and split-screen support. The latter feature would allow users to keep the Allo app on top, while working in another application at the bottom of the screen.
The split-screen mode is activated by simply long-pressing on the recent apps button on the device.

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